Working with different base types of paints

Working with different base types of paints

We regularly get asked about whether it is safe to use a solvent based paint like our Premium Acrylic Lacquers in conjunction with other paint types like oil based enamels or water based acrylics. 

The answer to this is yes, provided that you take adequate steps in ensuring that the other paint is dry before applying the next type over it. I personally have used enamels and water based paint both under and over our solvent based Acrylic Lacquers and have never come across an issue ever. 

The team at FineScale Modeler recently uploaded a video doing a number of test examples using our Acrylic Lacquers with Humbrol enamels and Vallejo water based acrylics and their tests further prove that a lot of the 'rules' of using paint that you may see online are just myths. 

Watch their video below to see for yourself, and remember, keep on modelling! 

- Scott


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