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We've all heard it. 

"That is the incorrect shade of Dunklegelb! Late War was more yellow!!" 

You know, that modeller who insists their colour knowledge is much better than the person who actually built the model. That modeller who will stomp his feet in a huff at a model show because they are right and you are wrong. 

Guess what? Everyone is wrong. 

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A question that comes up quite a lot both online and at the many shows & events that we attend, is "Acrylic Lacquer? How can an Acrylic be a Lacquer?" 

Short answer, because an Acrylic isn't solely a water based paint........

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It's been a few years now since our Weathering Pigments were first released and.....

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G'day everyone! 

This is the first post just to announce the start of our new Blog - From the Desk @ SMS..................

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