First look at the new 1/24 XY Ford Falcon kit from DDA

First look at the new 1/24 XY Ford Falcon kit from DDA

The guys at Diecast Distributors Australia (DDA) recently sent us a sample of the new 1/24 scale XY Ford Falcon to build for promo purposes, so let's take a first look at what's in the box! 

The boxart is in the same style as the first DDA kits releases (the HQ & HJ Holdens), with the built kit up front and centre with a reflection underneath it of a painted version. 

The sides also feature the same styling of the wire frame design. 

And the underside features the sprue layouts again also, a handy way to quickly check the kit contents without having to open the box. 

And finally, the display box returns with some new internal artwork

Looking at the main body, it is a well molded piece, with no flash, no seams and a flawless surface which will mean that our Auto Colours will be able to go on very smooth and adhere strong to the plastic. 

The parts count is a good amount, allowing for some fantastic details in the engine, underside of the chassis, and the front grills. 

One thing that is different in comparison to the previous DDA kits, is the way the seats assemble. There is a plastic piece that attaches to the interior, but the black rubber seats then connect to this new piece of plastic instead of mounting directly to the interior.

The seats, wheels and engine wiring looms are all made out of the same rubber material. When attaching these while building, make sure to use CA Glue (super glue) or 5 minute epoxy to ensure that you get a strong bond. This isn't applicable to the wheels though, as the raised areas around the rims will hold them in place. 

Speaking of, the rubber wheels are really well detailed with a crisply molded tread pattern.

Another difference in the design with this new kit compared to the previous Holdens, is the way the windows install. The Holdens had separate windows that mounted from the outside inwards, but the windows in this kit are one whole piece that inserts inside the interior. 

And finally, decal sheets! 

One common piece of feedback from the Holden kits was the lack decals for the GTS stripes on the HQs and larger Sandman lettering on the HJ Panel Vans. This time with the Falcons, there are quite a few decals included, including the bonnet stripes and side GT stripes. 

Over the next few days, I will be building up the kit and getting it prepped for paint. Once it's built up, I'll upload more photos of it fully built so everyone can get a feel for how it looks. 

And don't forget that we have 6 new additions to our Auto Colours range, all aligned to this release, with Diamond White, Candy Apple Red, Reef Green, Vermillion Fire, Yellow Ochre and Ford Electric Blue all available now on our website and through retailers. 

Stay tuned for more and remember to keep on modelling!

- Scott