Introducing the SMS Challenge Builds!

Introducing the SMS Challenge Builds!
So in a previous life, I used to run Group Builds on a Facebook Group where each Group Build featured a 'Challenge' to help encourage people to build more models and try new things. 
I've been planning on introducing these Challenge Builds into our Facebook Community, again as a way to encourage modellers to try new things but most importantly, to have fun doing it. 
So, kicking things off, our first SMS Challenge Build is 'The Big Bushmaster Build Off'! 
Rules are simple, you can only use the new 1/72 Australian Bushmaster kit by Dragon Models and then you can do whatever you like to it! 
We will have 4 categories where the overall winner of each will get a prize pack from us here at SMS consisting of a model kit and SMS products. Those categories are : 
  • Best OOB
  • Best Modified
  • Best Diorama
  • People's Choice

The Challenge Build will run from July 16th to August 31st (start time is not set in stone, so if you get the kit before that date, feel free to start, but the end date of August 31st at 11:59pm AEST is the firm cut off point for submissions). 

To enter, you can upload photos directly to the SMS Facebook Group, making sure to include a description that it is an entry. If you aren't a part of Facebook, then you can always email us in your entry.

And most importantly, we will have 30 kit + paint bundles for sale on our website and the proceeds from these bundles will 100% be donated to Beyond Blue : 

You can pre-order the kit bundle on our website now :

Note that this is a pre-order, so will be shipped out as soon as stock arrives. Please do not order anything else with the bundles as it will screw up our system, if you need other supplies, please make a separate order to the pre-order. 

Have a watch of the video above and if you have any questions, get in contact!


Hope you can join us! 

- Scott

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