INFINITE COLOUR - A Brand New Paint Range!

INFINITE COLOUR - A Brand New Paint Range!


Infinite Colour is our brand new WATER BASED paint range, designed specifically for miniature and figure painters and can also be used on scale models.

Infinite Colour features a strong adhesion on many different mediums (including plastics, resins, metals, timbers etc), has a strong vibrant pigment, is designed specifically for hand brushing applications, can be thinned with water (for creating glazes, or thinning for airbrushing) and cleaned up with water.

This range has been in development since 2017. Over the years on and off, we have been testing a multitude of different water based urethanes for this specific application and none met the high standard requirements that I set and wanted for this range.

Earlier this year, we found the right product through a local manufacturing partner and after almost 6 months of thorough testing and significant investment, Infinite Colour will finally launch to the market on December 4th 2021.

The first wave of colours will consist of 48 (33 Primary, 5 Fluro, and 10 Skin Tones) and more will release in 2022. Colour Guides will be ready later in the week.

Why 'Infinite Colour'? With the solid colours in the Infinite Colour range (Primary in particular), you will be able to mix ANY solid colour on your wet palette when painting your miniatures so, 'The Possibilities Are Infinite!"

We really hope you all like this new range, it has been a massive undertaking to get it off the ground both in time, effort and investment.

Keep on modelling!

- Scott