Exciting things are on the horizon!

Exciting things are on the horizon!

When I started The Scale Modellers Supply in early 2016, I had plans in place for where we wanted to be at certain milestones for our little company. So now in October 2020, comparing against the original timeline plan, we are about 2 years ahead of where I thought we would be.

When Covid took hold and lockdowns were enforced, the resulting spike for demand has resulted in where the 15m square work space we have is now too small to meet the growing demand for our products, even more so that we are supplying stores in the US and the UK now as well as 45+ stores across Australia and New Zealand. 

On October 21st 2020, I collected the keys to our new factory space.

The next few months are going to be hectic as we balance our current production schedules and set up our new facility. We have to install shelving, an office, new bottling equipment and once that is all done, move all our stock and materials across to the new location.

So as always, we are truly and eternally grateful to each and everyone of you awesome folk. If you have purchased 1 bottle or 100, you have helped us get to this point where we can make a serious change to the Australian scale model scene.

Thank you 🙂

- Scott

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  • Jose garcia

    Do u guys ship to usa texas

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