Australian Made

Australian Made

We've had lots of conspiracy theories thrown at us over the years regarding the origins of our paint products. 

From rebottled products from another brand to importing from overseas, we've heard some whacky tin foil hat level theories by people who truly have no clue. 

So when we say we are Australian Made, we are Australian Made. Our raw materials come from a manufacturing partner based in Sydney and our bottling and labelling are done at SMS HQ in Ballarat, Victoria. 

Recently, we applied for Australian Made certification. To pass their rigorous checks, we had to provide them with a full breakdown of where our materials are sourced for our paint lines, how they are packaged and labelled along with photographic evidence of these processes as well.

We were granted the license to use the Australian Made logo on February 13th 2020 for all of our Acrylic Lacquers.

Having been granted this license, it is the undeniable truth that our paints are 100% Australian Made

This license is a huge deal and a very proud & positive step for The Scale Modellers Supply. Expect to see the logo appear on labels and associated promotional materials as time goes by. 

Keep on modelling! 

- Scott