The Australian Model Expo 2024

The Australian Model Expo 2024

The Australian Model Expo (now in it's 41st year in 2024) was once again held over the King's Birthday long weekend in Victoria. Model Expo brings many of Australia's top modellers into one space to be a part of what is considered by many to be Australia's Premier scale modelling event. 

We once again took part in the event both as a sponsor and as a trader as we have done for many years now, heading down on the Friday to set up our trade table and to enter some models into the competition. 

We were setup next to our friends from Monocure 3D, the leading manufacturer of 3D printing resin in Australia. This was the first time Charlie from Monocure and Tim from Dungeon Labs had attended Model Expo and they were greeted with an overwhelmingly positive reception from everyone who spoke with them over the weekend. 

There have been a few changes to the Sandown venue over recent times, with changes to the lighting and overall feel of the room. 

With these changes, the Model Expo Committee had also made some further changes to the layout, including standardizing the table sizes (previously they were a mish mash of different table lengths) and the return of the dark charcoal coloured tablecloths. These tablecloths worked very effectively in conjunction with the new lighting to make the models much easier to view compared to the old light blue ones used previously. 

So, with the set up done on the Friday evening, it was time to crash at the hotel room. 

After not much sleep, it was time for Model Expo to officially kick off for 2024 at 9am on Saturday morning. It didn't take long for the public to start flowing in to the venue, either dropping off entries or coming to grab an early bargain from the traders. 

For the next 8 hours, we were the busiest we had been at a show ever. At one point there were at least 10 people waiting to be served! 

It was a continuous flow all day and by 5pm, a very large portion of our range had been purchased by lots of eager modellers. 

For the show, we produced a Limited Edition colour called 'Black Grape', a dark purple pearlescent. This was very successful with the majority of our stock sold on the first day. If you missed out, don't fret, we will be making these available to purchase at other shows we are attending for the remainder of 2024 (QMHE, SA Model Expo and ScaleACT in particular). 

Saturday night then rolled around and it was time for the judging to happen. I stayed back to assist, there were over 750 models to judge, helping to judge a lot of the smaller categories whilst others teamed up to do the much larger ones. 

After a full day working at our trade tables and then staying back to help judge, I called it quits for the day at 9:30pm and left to crash and burn at the motel room. 

I headed in early on Sunday morning to find that there were still a couple of categories that had yet to be judged due to security closing the venue the night before at midnight and making everyone leave. I helped finish off a category before the doors opened to the public at 9am, and then it was back to the trade table for another full day. 

As Sunday drew to a close, the results were starting to be put out on the table and I was stoked to see that I had placed 1st in the Mecha category with my Mecha Bug, 3rd in Animals with my Styracosaurus bust, and 3 further Commendation awards in the Animal category for some of my other Dinosaurs (all painted in SMS Paints of course!)  

Sunday night involved some dinner with some of my close friends down the road at Taco Bill for some Mexican, then it was an early night back at the motel for one last night. 

Monday was much the same as the other days. It was quiet at first as many were upstairs at the big Swap and Sell but then as that drew to a close, they all came down and it was solidly busy for the rest of the day until 3pm when we all started to pack up as the awards ceremony was held. 

Overall, Model Expo was a great success for us. We got to meet a heap of new people, many of those who we only knew of from online, and also were able to catch up with many of our great friends and long time fans, many whom we hadn't seen in person since last Model Expo

We hope that are all enjoying those products that you purchased from us and we also trust that you enjoyed Model Expo as a whole and plan on returning next year - I know we will be back again for sure! 

So, I will leave you with a selection of some models that caught my eye over the weekend : 

And the award for Best Paint at the show went to Scott Kilford for his Ferrari motor: 

A big thank you must go out to the Model Expo Committee for putting on a fantastic show under extraordinary circumstances. The effort this team puts in each and every year is phenomenal. 

Until next time, remember, keep on modelling! 

- Scott