Super Silver - liquid chrome in a bottle

Super Silver - liquid chrome in a bottle

I was testing out our new airbrush station at SMS HQ so I thought I'd see how far I can push Super Silver to get a chrome look.

I primed with Surfacer Grey (but could've done it with Surfacer Black), then applied a light coat of Jet Black followed by a heavier coat at around 12PSI.

Once that had dried, Super Silver was applied in a VERY light coat (only 1 coat) at around 10PSI and left to dry again. Followed up with another very light coat and left it dry and watched as the shine came through and I could see my reflection.

That was it!

Quick and easy provided you do the right base coat prep to make sure it was super smooth and glossy.

Super Silver only costs $11.95AUD a bottle, making it pretty damn good value wise if this is the finish that is possible.

Available on the SMS website and through your favourite stockists. 😁

Keep on Modelling! 


- Scott 

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