AFV Club 1/35 FV4005 British Tank Destroyer Model Kit


AFV Club 1/35 FV4005 British Tank Destroyer Model Kit

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Developed by the United Kingdom to compete with the IS-3 heavy tank developed by the Soviet Union. It uses the body of the Centurion Mk.3 and combines it with a turret equipped with an L4 183mm caliber gun. The only ammunition that could be used was high-explosive squash (HESH), but it was the largest and most powerful tank-mounted gun at the time. It was discontinued due to the appearance of anti-tank missiles.

Kit includes new one-piece road wheels and accurately represented turret weld lines; the hatches can be displayed opened or closed. Decals for four versions are included.


  • New Tooling of FV4005 Stage II Enclosed Turret
  • New Tooling of the frontal armour
  • New Tooling of the hand-cranked winch and the spade at the rear
  • New one-piece road wheels
  • Hatches can be displayed in open or closed positions
  • Four Scheme and decals for FV4005 Stage II
  • The Commander’s folding Observation pedestal is reproduced in the correct position
  • Turret welding lines are accurately represented for FV4005

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